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Casting method of investment casting
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Investment casting has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, is a widely used less, no cutting advanced technology, simply said is made of fusible materials fusibility model, using investment casting method can save a lot of machine tools and processing time, but also greatly save metal raw materials. Therefore, investment casting is a widely used casting method in the casting field, which effectively reduces the cost and improves the competitiveness of casting enterprises. One of the most important steps in investment casting is casting. What are some common casting methods?

1. Crystallization under pressure

The mold shell is placed in the pressure tank for pouring. After pouring, the pressure tank is immediately closed and high pressure air or inert gas is injected into the tank to make the casting solidify under pressure to increase the casting density.

2. Vacuum suction pouring

The mold shell is placed in the vacuum pouring box, and the gas in the mold cavity is sucked away through the tiny pores in the mold shell, so that the liquid metal can better fill the mold cavity, copy the shape of the mold cavity, improve the casting precision, and prevent the defects of porosity and insufficient pouring. This method is more common abroad.

3. Oriented crystallization

Some investment castings such as turbine blades, magnetic steel, if their crystal structure is arranged in a certain direction of the columnar crystal, their performance can be improved a lot, so investment casting oriented crystallization technology is rapidly developing.

4. Thermal gravity casting

This is the most widely used form of pouring, in which the shell is removed from the roaster and poured at high temperatures. In this case, the metal is cooled slowly in the mold shell and can fill the mold with high fluidity. Therefore, the casting can reproduce the shape of the mold cavity well and improve the precision of the casting. But the slow cooling of the casting in the hot mold will make the grains thick, which reduces the mechanical properties of the casting. When casting carbon steel castings, the surface of the castings with slow cooling is easy to oxidize and decarbonize, thus reducing the surface hardness, smoothness and dimensional accuracy of the castings.

Casting in investment casting is a strict procedure, different casting methods have different characteristics, so in the process of investment casting to choose the appropriate casting method, casting a good fusion

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